Aotearoa New Zealand

Music and Audio

A bunch of bits and bobs from over the years.

If there’s something I’ve missed or forgotten, feel free to remind me!

And if you’d like music or audio for a project do get in touch.


Transit of Venus started as recording project, but went on to play live with various line-ups, from around 2009 to 2014.


Bitter Sweet Love EP – 2009

Nosferatu – 2010 – Live recording of soundtrack performed to the silent film of the same name.

Transit of Venus – 2012 – Concept album around the astronomical event.

Amperzahn played live regularly from around 2005-2008.  


Amperzahn EP – 2004

These Creatures (Secret era) EP – 2006


Seven fun looking Pirates wearing bright colours and smiling.

Tim Bray Productions 2011 - 2014

Musical director and/or musician, for the following Tim Bray Theatre shows from 2011-2014.

Sound design, improvising and performing incidental music.

  • The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch
  • The Great Piratical Rumbustification
  • The Whale Rider
  • Hairy MacLeary (inc Royal Performance)
  • The Christmas Show
  • The Lion in the Meadow
  • Wind in the Willows



Prog-rock soundtrack written to accompany the original 1920’s silent film of Nosferatu.

Performed in 2009 at TAPAC, and again in 2012 Fringe Festival at Bats Theatre.

A still show from the series It's Mel. Showing a figure humorously peering over a picket fence.

It's Mel!

Incidental and theme music for 2014 web and tv series ‘It’s Mel!” 

Video Game Music

Attack of the Meeplings

Writing music for this retro style game was super fun. 

Path of Exile - Tormented Temptress Level

More fun game music, written together with Adam Willis. 


Another really fun indie game, I made the theme music, some level music, and some sound/foley if I remember rightly.  

Podcast Music and Audio

A bright pink 80's style logo with the text 'Danger Team GO!'

Danger Team GO!

I help write a lot of music for this podcast.  

I’m also hiding behind the scenes as some kind of general sound advisor and on-call remote tech support. 

Danger Team Go is up to 45 episodes, with plenty more planned, so if you enjoy Dungeons and Dragons podcasts, do give it a listen.


Music Videos

Transit of Venus - Meat Market - 2009

This song was originally written ironically as a bit of fun, but a lot of people enjoyed it, and eventually it ended up with a fun music video.

Though… I actually got a bit of backlash for this very tame music video.  Some people don’t realise that music videos are a form of fiction, and not reality! 

Sashi C Logo - Bintang fea. Moe Nasrul

I became friends with Sashi and Moe in Malaysia around 2010.  I played guitar on this song and joined them for the music video.  Played a few fun gigs in KL around that time too!